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How to bring some vida feels to your home

During the total lockdown in May, Vida hotels entertained their followers by hosting different speakers on their Instagram page. We were so lucky to be one of them to go Live and discuss all things interiors and How to bring some Vida feels to your home!

Everyone loves a stay in a posh hotel. Sadly these kind of hotel experiences don’t come cheap, so for me they are normally limited to a few nights stay for a momentous celebration. So when you’re back to reality how you can make your own bedroom feel just as luxurious?

Here are my top tips on how to style your bedroom like a hotel.

1 – Choose a relaxing color scheme. My advice would be to go neutral or go dark. Neutrals create a soft relaxing atmosphere. They’re grown up, elegant and easy to live with. Darks are enveloping, cozy and intimate. The colors to avoid are yellow, orange and red. These colors can agitate and stimulate your mood so stick to colors that bring a sense of calm and tranquility.

2- The bed is a focal point! There is no doubt that it is also the best bit of a luxury hotel room. It’s normally huge, ridiculously comfy with a handmade mattress and goose down pillows. If you have the budget then these are all things you can invest in. Think of an outstanding headboard and if you have an extra space, create your own lounge!

3- Clean and declutter your surface. Style it with some trays, books, flowers and lush products.

4- Hotel rooms are all about atmosphere and lighting is the key for a cozy bedroom! Hotel lighting is soft, ambient and romantic. To create this you’ll need dimmer effect, bed side lamps to help the brain relax and floor Lamps with shades which work best because they softly diffuse the light.

5- Blackout curtains for a great deep sleep.

6- Always go for white bedding, I can’t stress this enough. It creates a sense of purity, compliments any scheme and will always be in style. Pair it with decorative cushions (more is more) and a textured bedspread.

7- Treat your feet with a fluffy rug. You really need a carpet if you’re going to create that luxurious boutique feel.

8- Conceal your TV. My advice is for the hotel look to keep your television discreet and make it blend in with the decor by creating a wall covering where the screen can blend in.

9- Hotels can even make kettles and biscuits look beautiful so dust off your styling skills to create that hotel look. Recreate this experience with small details: Breakfast in bed, music, scented candles, white robes and slippers, spa style bathroom!

Planning your own bedroom restyle? We’re here to help you, get in touch!