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Beirut is always a good idea

We were able to make it to Lebanon despite the pandemic. It was a hard decision to travel after the airport’s closures but I was homesick! This time around, there were no days at the beach, only by the rooftop pool. There was no partying, no gatherings, limited outings but we still got the chance to spend some quality time exploring new places.

Here are the top places we visited and we advise you to do!

La ménagerie. A very authentic café and flower shop in the heart of Beirut, perfect for a happy hour on the side walk!

Spent a night at Elsewhere. Cheese, wine and a pit fire – need I say more? We also went sightseeing, Laqlouq has an amazing scenery over the lakes.

We also visited Nabu museum. The exhibition is minimal but the place itself is a landmark and a must see, the architecture is out of this world.

Tried all the menu at SALATA, they have the best salads ever and my favorites are the Urban salad with added goat cheese and the Fabulous Freekeh. Yum!

Frooza Booza! I can safely say it’s an addiction. You need to try the strawberry Nutella Lotus ice-cream rolls topped with Irish cream. Mouthwatering!

Hiked at Falougha, and had a beer at the mountain top while watching the spectacular lakes.

Post Blast escape at Le Grand Chalet – Zaarour.

Snoozed in a tree house at Arsoun village! Such an amazing adventure – highly recommended for outdoor lovers.

Planning your trip to Lebanon? This country has a lot to offer! Despite all what this homeland is going through, it keeps on giving with its gorgeous places.

Note: I had to update this blog post and share with you another stunning place I visited in December 2020 during our Christmas holiday. Arthaus, A true hidden gem! @arthausbeirut a place which celebrates the love of art and the fascination with the Bauhaus movement. Eclectic hotel rooms, coup de foudre for the reception area, and a breathtaking outdoor! I’m definitely having a night stay next summer 🙂

Beirut, I love you!