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Interior trends 2021

Just like fashion, Interior trends are constantly shifting. You definitely don’t have to bring it all to your interiors (if a crop top is trendy, doesn’t mean we have to wear it). You need to be selective and choose what goes with your personality and style. So far, 2021 has been a strange year across the world as countries continue to go into lockdown.
Interiors can make a huge difference to mental wellbeing, so seeking out the latest home trends is something we particularly look forward to. This year think natural, organic and simple. A celebration of the earth’s raw materials and a subtle use of color to evoke emotions.
Here are the interior trend shifts to look out for (We added exemplar images for some of our favorite brands to help you get the look!)

Discover with us the top trends for 2021:

Natural greens

We’re seeing a surge of natural greens becoming more popular than ever before. It could be because we’re craving a bit of nature indoors and seek to bring the outside in. This color would look great on your kitchen cabinets with a warm forest shade as in this picture from Fronteriors. Team these green shades up with natural wood furniture, plenty of texture and a dash of warm metallic for an inviting organic feel in your home, and you have perfection.

Photo credit: Fronteriors

Earthy colors

Speaking of nature, still rising in popularity from 2020 is the introduction of warm earth shades.
From deep terracotta to sunshine yellow, pale peach shades and soft taupe and browns, these softer shades envelope and nurture us when going through difficult times. Whilst grey still has a stronghold as the go-to neutral, consider trying a warmer ivory or soft taupe for your walls or bring in a bit of sunshine with rust-colored cushions or a camel leather chair.

Photo credit: Jotun

Modern curves

Rounded shapes have been a big update in the world of interiors and their popularity isn’t fading anytime soon. While rounded shapes in furniture has been a big trend for a couple of years, expect to see more wavy and arch shapes in everything from mirrors to candles to accessories and more.

Photo credit: Smallable

Japandi (aka Japanese and Scandi)

A meeting of the minimalist and utility chic of Japanese design with the natural elements and clean simple lines of Scandinavian interiors.
For those craving a clean and simple look, Japandi style blends the best qualities of both distinct looks to create something warm, uncluttered and understated.
Choose pale neutral wood for this look in combination with natural elements and look out for sustainable design choices like bamboo to really bring the ethos of Japandi style home.

Photo credit: Crate and Barrel

Cottage core

Poetic and dreamy! Cottage core embraces home in all of its elements, this is less a look and more of a lifestyle. However, it does come home in vintage touches, warm textiles like tartan and florals and up cycling old favorites. With this look, comfort plays a key element so look out for layered prints, traditional motifs and a more-is-more mentality.

Photo credit: H&M Home

Matt plaster finishes

Hide your glossy and shiny accessories, this year is all about the calming softness of a matt finish. Warm to the touch and with a look that embraces the hands of the maker, expect to see more ceramics and plaster without the familiar heavy glazing. Embrace the look with terracotta planters or stone-effect vases, lamps and mugs, all of which add another layer of texture to your abode.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

Rattan & woven cane

This boho trend is still going strong since last year, so expect to see even more pieces in rattan and woven cane in our interiors. From furniture with rattan accents to woven baskets, cane shelving and wicker storage pieces, all of these can give you additional texture and nostalgia to your home. They also work well with the earthy colors spoken about above.

Photo credit: Urban Nest

Dried flowers & grasses

Another connection with nature. Whether you go for large pampas grasses or delicate clouds of dried flowers, this trend adds natural color and texture to your home and will last far longer than fresh flowers.

Photo credit: Wild Botanists Dubai

Which trend would you bring to your home? What would you change to your interior this year?