My name is Stephany but you can call me STEPh! I’m a Lebanese living in Dubai since 2014. I studied Interior Architecture and have a Master’s degree awarded by the Lebanese university – Faculty of beaux arts (Design is not my hobby, it’s my passion and profession!) I started working in this field since my second year of university and I’m proud to say that I had a great path! I learned a lot from the people I worked with, the clients I met, the mistakes I made, and from a city which taught me and inspired me a lot: Dubai! STEP INTO DETAIL was born in 2017 and the name was inspired by my perfectionist tendencies and my care for details.


Organized in my own way. Others call it messy.
Tidy spaces make me feel good. Send help please!
Weekday night rituals involve a scented candle and tea.
Always craving a glass of wine with peanut puffs.
Happiness is always a good tan and blow-dry away.
Obsessed with fashion, I’m a sucker for pretty outfits.
A good cook! I love experimenting with healthy recipes.
Night owl. I don’t know how early birds do it (sorry not sorry).


I do what I love and love what I do! But that doesn’t mean I don t find myself somedays struggling for a spark of motivation, I’m only human after all! Running your own business is challenge, add to that being a perfectionist and that’s a whole other rollercoaster. I run STEP INTO DETAIL all by myself, sometimes outsources designers for big projects. I also manage our social media platforms where I share our work as well as a dash of personal lifestyle, just to get you to know a little more about me! Over the past years, STEP INTO DETAIL has evolved into an interior design studio


We are definitely proud of all our achievements to date and we believe that the best is yet to come. Our top 5 projects are: The goodness company shop at Galeries Lafayette (Dubai mall), Offices for a trading company in Dubai, Villa S, Villa C, The urban apartment. We are also grateful to all our clients who decided to work with us rather as partners, as we always strive to exceed their expectations even if it meant walking the extra mile on not a few occasions. Is there anything better than a happy client on the delivery date?