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At the 28th (Part I: Reception & Co-working Spaces)

If you have an architectural background, you will definitely relate with this!
We as interiors architects love big projects where we have the freedom to transform any space the way we think it should be functioning. We love challenges, we love breaking walls and creating new partitions, we love producing furniture pieces and bespoke units… We also love the styling and decorating part however we don’t find it as exciting as the concept and execution phases. But it certainly completes and beautify our spaces and gives our designs an extra value.

Oh Happy Day! The day we were requested to design this office [At the 28th] floor for a big trading company in Dubai. We teamed with Boxi Creative and worked together on this project, it was really challenging as our scope was large and the time was limited.
We firstly upgraded the reception area & lounge and gave it a warm and cozy feel for the guests to enjoy! We also worked on the meeting rooms and co-working spaces. Spending at least 8 hours at work must be tiring, therefore employees deserve as well a space that can inspire them and that looks as sweet as home! We overjoyed with the results, check the pictures below!

On another note, our biggest task was the CEO Office. It had to be fully designed with high end finishing to meet with the client requirements and taste. Have a look at our next feature to discover more about it!