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At the 28th (Part II: CEO Office)

Design is not only creating something nice and unique, it’s also creating something useful and functional!
Along with Boxi Creative, we worked on this space as well. Our client spends long hours at work and her main concern was to have an office that makes her feel comfortable. A large desk, a coffee station and a lounge chair where she can chill for a while and enjoy the breathtaking view she has over the emirates golf club! Another important requirement was to build some privacy between her office and the one next door.

Wooden Slats! We have been loving this trend for a while now, Do you!? If you are minimal, if you like clean designs and if you are an OCD you must love slats! In this part of the project the slats are in fact two doors for a built in cabinet at the left side corner. We created this full bespoke desk background to hide the existing columns and create some hidden storage. We also integrated the coffee station inside it: It has a marble top and backsplash to match with the desk.
We designed a custom made desk which was perfectly executed by the Line Concept and guess what? It’s 250cm width, yes Two hundred fifty! And what we and she love about it is that you can’t see any cable, it all go from the top unseen through the marble leg to reach the electrical floor box. A TV unit is placed in front of the desk and is serving as a partition between the two offices to create this privacy she requested with a lounge on the side to sit back and relax! This royal blue swivel armchair from West Elm added nicely a pop of color to this corporate space.

Luxurious with a twist right? We are so satisfied with all the design solutions we provided and proud of the perfect outcome!