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Bachelor pad

If I could say one word to sum up this project, it would be: Hectic.  I can still remember- wish I couldn’t – how the kids were running around during the installation day. Crazy!

But my god, it was a bachelor pad! Styling a space for a man is not a big challenge, at least for me! They know what they want and their needs are simple, No offence girls! Everything must be easy and practical – and a big TV screen is always a win!

Bachelor pads can be done very tastefully. In fact, it doesn’t hurt the masculinity of the environment to add some style or flair to the design. You have to choose the right elements and materials: Artworks is the best way to express yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words, so finding the perfect image for a room can become the staple and focal point of your design. Always find something that speaks to you and of you!