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Boho wild bedroom

This room was a big challenge for us but we were ready for it! Before choosing the color palette and diving into the visual phase, we took our time to focus on the furniture layout as it was our main concern. The room was quite small and had to fit many functions: Two beds, a desk and a lot (A LOTTTTTTTTT) of storage. When the plan was approved, we worked on the concept phase which at Step Into Detail is a presentation that shows you how amazing the finished result will look like. The palette was a mix of Natural clay, Jazz white and Hummus (All by Jotun) for the walls and it was mixed with denim blue to give the room a WOW effect. For us, neutrals alone are a bit boring (Sorry not sorry).

Our little clients’ reaction to the finished space was priceless. It’s always the most rewarding part of every experience! Whatever your budget is, there’s always a way to bring magic into your kid’s bedroom. It’s always a good investment as it’s important for their growth and well-being to have a space that can make them feel safe and happy.