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Industrial chic duplex

I think we can all agree that 2020 wasn’t an easy year, but we can’t help but say that it did have a few lessons to be learned from. Spending more time at home made us all feel the need of change. After the lockdown began, we realized that people needed to have a beautiful home now more than ever before. A home from where they can work, be safe and feel happy. This project was the highlight of 2020, it was our first project post lockdown. The before & after may not be as impressive because the space was a blank canvas. But to be honest, it was love at first sight with the double height and all the natural light it had. We saw great potential in it!

Initially, our client requested an industrial look. We were excited, but we wanted to take the style up a notch, beyond the typical look with all the metals and bricks- Too cliché for out liking.  We decided to create the same vibe, with a more innovative feel, we called this style Industrial Chic! That narrow entrance corridor was turned into a functional passage (an impressive one too if I say so myself). A large floating TV unit by @fronteriors made the wall more interesting, we also added a tall shelving unit designed by us and executed by @nook.me to lift up the space. It was placed next to the existing column to extend its width and cover the couch’s back (a little sprinkle of aesthetic detail) and create an inviting separation between the living and the dining area, I guess it’s a success!

Not to forget the beautiful furniture pieces that we got and the accessories that are always the cherry on top for every interior! Want get the look? Check the details of the key elements.