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XOXO Bedroom

Believe it or not, we’ve only met the client once face to face (or should I say mask to mask ). We shared the concept design for the bedroom and then execution was done remotely! This project happened in the midst of the COVID-19 madness, when malls were empty and buying online was becoming trendy. But despite it all, we made a dream space for two lovely kids and one happy mama!
We designed this shared bedroom based on the specific needs. The major one was creating an indoor gym/entertainment area for the kids (COVID-19 made us think more about it, because you know…) and as this room is for both a girl and a boy, Mint was the winner! yep, guess mint (as a main color) works really well with other pastel colors like beautiful earthy tones. The walls were divided into different functions: Wall A, with the mustard canopy, is where one can grab a book or an educational toy and enjoy a cozy time with the little ones. While Wall B is the study area, perfect for homeschooling or after school homework. Wall C is the sleeping area; we placed the beds next to the wall to benefit from the space as much as possible. See how spacious it looks? By the way, are you team swing or wobble? XOXO