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Minimal Luxury

This is one of my favorite projects! The client is so lovely and fully trusted us with the big and small decisions which always make the work smooth and easy, and also FAST! I was asked to design the entire apartment which means the entrance area, dining room, living room, kitchen, guest toilet, 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a walk in closet. We fully renovated the spaces, so what you are going to see is all brand new except of the reception area floor tiles.

In this article we are sharing with you the entrance slash dining slash living room. The goal was to reach a contemporary modern look that lasts for years, and what is better than gray when talking about long-lasting designs? It is a safe color and it is easy to match with any other material. We mixed it with walnut veneer, black wood and metal, marble and stones- The result is an extreme prettiness, and a happy client!