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On va danser (Girl’s bedroom)

It all started with this Oh-my-God wallpaper. My client and I were having a look at some wallpaper catalogues and “Ce soir on va danser” was an eye stopper. It was love at first sight, with the colors it had and the vibes we knew it could bring – Where’s that disco ball at? I find it on point when I want to design a girly bedroom but don’t have to stick to pink. Nothing against pink whatsoever, but the rule breaker in me comes out every once in a while, and this time it came out to say: Mint & Peach!

Besides, is there anything better than a tailored interior where every corner is designed to make the best out of your space? This is why you should hire an interior architect; they know how to make it happen 🙂 This bedroom was designed and executed from scratch by us. And by scratch, we mean this space was a blank canvas with white walls and old-fashioned ceramic tiles. We revamped it to have new wooden flooring, a bespoke bed with an extra drawer bed at the front and a built-in night table, a custom-made headboard, a closet and a desk. Too much? We think not. When a space is well furnished with respect to the architectural norms, nothing is too much. Explore this space and enjoy the little feminine details! Ce soir on fait quoi? On danse!