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Step into detail HQ

So, how did this all start?

in April 2014, I left my job in Beirut and moved to Dubai. I started looking for a job there and I got employed on the day I knew I’m pregnant. I accepted the offer and worked until my delivery. It was obviously too hard to be an expat plus an employed mom of twins (Yes twins) with a full-time job, so I resigned! It wasn’t easy at the beginning as I’m so passionate about my career and didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom. I got a big freelance project which was a full interior design scope for an entire villa in Lebanon. It was time consuming; it was challenging but it was a big turning point in my life! It made me happy, I started craving more success. Then why not be both? A Boss Mom. So, this is how it all happened, I decided to open my own business. That on its own was still extremely stressful, but thankfully I was flexible enough to manage. With baby steps and a lot of time learning how to grow this platform, get more reach, more exposure and more projects, STEP INTO DETAIL is where it is today, and the best is yet to come!

My first office was my dining area in that little flat in JLT. When we moved to a villa, I decided to create a home office and have a proper working space, I believe it helps a lot in boosting the productivity and creativity – I’m so grateful for this decision. Since Black is my happy color, it was used in this black box that we created. Welcome to our bubble!