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The man cave

If you don’t love masculine and bold spaces, this might not be your favorite project but I ask you to give it a try because it might change your mind! It could also motivate you to create your own GYM-AT-HOME. This project is our third masculine interior, and honestly? I love working on projects like this. Initially, this room was the landing area of the upper floor, it had a desk and some storage cabinets. As for the bike, it was placed in the guest bedroom.

Gym at home? Why not?! Look how pretty this one looks! I mean, even if you’re not into sports you can’t but be motivated to lift some weights- Right? Our biker/client used to practice his activity in the guest bedroom so we decided to merge all his interests in one room.

On another note, nowadays every home I’m visiting for a meeting or a home consultation has a desk placed somewhere. Having a home office is also one of the top requests I have been receiving – “We need a desk, we’re working from home”, “Using my dining table isn’t practical and comfortable anymore”, “Is there a way to avoid noise during my calls?” and the list goes one. And in the spirit of responding to client’s needs and making the most out of them, we created a desk to work comfortably from his comfort zone, a gym section to stay energized and a partition to limit the noise. It looks great, doesn’t it?