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The Urban Nest – Kitchen

Let’s talk KITCHENS!

Here is Part II of the Urban House, the unusual kitchen! When it’s located next to the entrance, it NEEDS to look like eye candy! We started off with removing the kitchen’s wooden door and replaced it with a sliding barn door, a metallic one too! For real, have you ever seen a closed wooden kitchen door? Never!! A sliding door keeps the space free and can be easily opened and closed without taking up the space.

Some tips for a stylish kitchen? Here you go!

Having an instagrammable kitchen can prove to be quite challenging at times. But I believe that if you have enough storage you can declutter your working tops and keep what you use frequently.

HOW TO STYLE your kitchen?

1. Make vignettes! Having your kitchen utensils and accessories grouped as vignettes gives them a meaning and intention, and they look better than a never-ending row of items exposed.
2. Think of a marble or a wooden tray to create a coffee station. Biscuits in a jar, mugs with a message, and a coffee machine on the side.
3. Cutting boards are a real must in every kitchen, and they make a really good decor element if leaned against your kitchen’s countertop. Mixing shapes and materials will make it even more interesting.
4. Plants are a great way to bring your kitchen to life. Pots of fresh seasonal herbs styled together can make a huge impact on your kitchen decor.