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The Urban House

Welcome to The Urban House! A project we completed in summer 2019. This project is so dear to me, it’s my brother and his family’s apartment. I designed it with Love!

If you love urban spaces you must love this one. Designing an apartment doesn’t have to be standard. Sometimes it can look like a boutique hotel or a restaurant maybe?! Why not.

Below we will be sharing with you Part I of this project which is the entrance/Dining/Family living space. Starting with the entrance area, we created a wall of travel memories. After investing a lot in this apartment’s interior this entryway was left with no clue – Console? Bench? Mirror? we had no idea, but we were sure it must be something impactful and I think we made that happen!

As for the dining and living room, initially it wasn’t spacious. It was challenging to fit a TV unit, hide a heater and AC split all while having a nice space. Oh, and storage, who on earth doesn’t need storage? Look how it came all together, beautiful! What is your favorite part? Mine is the bench. When life gives you a squeezed space, make mojitos and enjoy it on a dining bench!