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The Urban Nest – Guest Toilet

I love a minimally styled bathroom. My preference is to hide all of my daily sundries in drawers and keep the counter clean. But, if storage is limited for you, there are several ways to artfully display your daily necessities on your bathroom countertop. I believe any bathroom can be turned into your own personal oasis. In this NOIR guest toilet, which belongs to The Urban House project, we opted for a dark scheme to create a dramatic mood – the floors and the water tank wall are covered with rustic tiles, a wooden top for the wash basin and some wooden slats and a mirror on the left side. By the way, the mirror itself is a door for a storage cabinet.

It doesn’t matter what size or how fancy it already is – you can take these ideas and turn your current bathroom into a dream.

Here are some tips:
1. Fold some nice small towels, place them on a tray and place a basket preferably on the floor for the used ones.
2. Set out pretty accessories – from soap dispensers to scented candles. But remember less is more!
3. Hang an interesting artwork if you don’t have enough patterns on your walls. A gold frame can add just enough bling.
4. Sprinkle in some greenery. No room feels quite complete until you bring in nature. A few sprigs in a bud vase work wonders.
5. If your floor tiles aren’t the newest, cover them with a nice small rug.

Honestly, these tips worked very well for me back when I live in a rental villa in Springs (Dubai, UAE). Try to Google it just to understand how old-fashioned their toilets are. The tiles were so hopeless all I could do was ignore it, I though it couldn’t be salvaged. But one day I decided to do a little makeover to the guest toilet, and believe me little changes make a big difference. Dusty pink walls to match with the tiles, a large floral artwork on a wall, a big patterned rug to cover the floor tiles and a wooden bench to replace the countertop which wasn’t even there. Some nice towels in a basket, déco magazines, a little vase with dried flowers and candles – I love candles. And boom! Magic.